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Bees are one of the most common pests found in and around any household. This is because building and houses keep their hives safe from any predators. Also, the shed keeps their nests safe from sunlight and rain. Therefore, if you have noticed any bees around your property. There is a possibility of a bee hive nearby. E Brisbane Pest Control offers all types of bee removal services near you. We have a reliable bee control Brisbane team for assistance. Contact our professional bee hive removal experts today.


Types of Bees We Remove

Bees are very common all around the globe. Some of the most common bees are 

  • Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) –

Honeybees are the most common species of bees. They are small, half-inch in length and hairy and brown. Importantly, honeybees are social species and live in colonies of up to 50,000 bees living in one hive. Therefore, these bees can survive easily in winter. Moreover, their nest are comb-shaped and are made from beeswax. Moreover, try our bee control services today.

  • Bumble Bee (Bombus spp.) –

Bumble Bees are small, ranging between .5-1 inch in length. They are bright yellow with black stripes on their abdomen. Importantly, these bees usually make nests in rodent holes or wall gaps. Moreover, their hives are round in shape and usually found near ground level.

  • Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa Virginia) – 

Carpenter bees are somewhat similar looking to Buble bees though they have a distinctive black lower abdomen. Importantly, these bees are social and live their life solitary. Moreover, they chew wood and make their nests inside it. These nests may be several inches deep. Their main source of food is nectar and pollen from flowers.

How Do We Manage Bees?

No one likes to deal with bees intruders around their property. While some species are peaceful, some of them are aggressive and can sting if feel threatened. Here are the steps we take to relocate beehives

  • Inspection of the area of hives 

Firstly, our professionals will try to locate the hive made by the pests. Sometimes a nest or hive can be vacant as bees tend to relocate. This also helps our professionals to decide on how to safely relocate the nest out of your property.

  • Removal of bees around

Usually, bees leave their hives in the morning to collect nectar or insects. This is the time when you can see them all around your property. If the hive is removed in this period, bees will swarm around the property for days.

  • Removal of hives and bees 

Our team of professionals are highly equipped in removing bee hives. Once the beehive is identified, we will choose the safest method to remove it. Primarily, we aim to relocate the pack to a different place or local beekeepers. Importantly, when removing a hive, it’s important to keep the Queen safe. As the worker bees follow the queen. Once the bees are safely removed, our team will remove the nest.

  • Destroy the nest, if required 

Lastly, if removing the nest and relocation isn’t a possibility, our specialist will destroy the nest. This is done when the bees are very aggressive. Therefore, the only option left is to destroy the nest if needed. Moreover, we do this with special techniques and neutralizing the bees so they don’t attack.

  • Final inspection 

Our professional bee nest removal will do a final inspection at the site. Sometimes bees who are not around the nest at the time of relocation tend to swarm around the area. It may take a couple of days for them to leave the property.

How Do Bees Build Their Hives?

Bee hives are usually hexagonal with a repeated structure. Importantly, this shape helps them to store honey most efficiently. Commonly, bees build hives in cool places. This saves the beeswax from melting and keeps the hive safe.

Same-Day Bees Control Services In Brisbane

We also provide same-day bee removal services near you. Our company is known for providing prompt services when it comes to bees. Hence, we take our work seriously. Our local bee removal experts are well-trained and reliable. In any case of a bee emergency, you can contact our bee control Brisbane team.

FAQs on Bee Control Brisbane

I have bees on my property but they don’t look aggressive. Are all bees aggressive?

Bees don’t usually attack unless threatened. Therefore, spotting bees on the property is usually common. All types of bees can be dangerous. Therefore, always call for professional help.

Is relocating bees safe or should I kill the bees?

Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem. Therefore, relocating the bees to a safer location should be the top priority. Doing it on your own can be dangerous. Hence, calling professional beekeepers and letting them relocate the hive is the safer option.

We removed a beehive from our home, but some bees are still present. Should I be worried?

When a beehive is removed from a location, not all the bees are present there at that time. Some bees must be busy doing their job pollinating plants. Moreover, when these worker bees come back to search for their queen and don’t find her they may hover around and try to locate the hive. Therefore, call a professional to relocate or remove the hive.

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